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My Story

When students graduate from college, of course they have the degree. But all this degree proves is that this person can:

I have taught numerous people who have received more school than me, and I have seen firsthand that school doesn't help students enter the workforce. They can do the random little things school taught them to do, but don't have much knowledge on how to apply what they learned.

I learned what I know outside of school and used this knowledge to land a job. Now, that job has taught me and will continue to teach me more than college will teach me.

If you want to know about my username and domain name "Knäckepizza", here's the story. A common Swedish food is knäckebröd which is basically rye crisp bread. So, knäckepizza just means a pizza but rye crisp bread instead of dough. You should try it!


My Projects

The amount of ideas I have is intangible, but the client work and miscellaneous projects I have done for fun is not. Check out the web apps, design sprints, or normal web development from my past.


My Resume

I am proud to say that I have been able to master certain areas while also having my feet in many others. Since complacency leads to becoming obsolete, I keep up with the ever-changing world of web technology.


If you want to discuss a cool project, or just want to drop a comment, do it here!